Azure Machines

Process automation through machine learning.


Machine learning can help you discover patterns within your domain and leverage your expertise and your data assets to extract value for your organization.

Early and rapid prototyping will facilitate feature selection, data normalization and the definition of an effective processing pipeline.

Azure Machines can help you with the art and science of machine learning to identify where you should invest to maximize your return.

With the advances in sensor technology it is becoming easier day-by-day to collect data on practically any process, potentially generating huge volumes of data.

Machine learning technology can help you explore a sea of numbers and unlock the potential hidden within.


Azure Machines uses process pipelines made up of discrete verifiable steps to automate complex systems.

Wherever you can capture data, we can automate the processes required to help you recognize event signatures within your records. E.g.:

  • Manufacturing Quality Control
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Fraud Detection
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Face Recognition
  • Record Classification
  • Recommender Systems
  • Pricing Applications
  • System Health Monitoring
  • Machine failure prediction
  • Sensor Network Event Detection
Plus countless other data mining applications.


We work with you to understand your objectives, analyze your data, define the relevant features and normalize the attributes using modeling and data visualization.

We then design and build a solution using agile development methodologies to efficiently extract the maximum value from your data and intellectual property.

These steps are repeated through a number of iterations to refine the system performance and results.

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